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About JobX

JobX (JobXnow) is one of the biggest job searching portal websites for all the restaurants and hotel line businesses. At jobX you can easily find works or find talents where. A portal for the hotel industry and restaurants designed at the most professional level. We have all types of professional employers registered and new profiles are registered regularly. JobX provides the best hospitality job-seeking website in the whole country. Whenever a job is available, jobx will reach registered jobseekers and inform them about present openings.

JobX mainly focuses on the skills and ability of people who are really capable to amplify themselves in the hotel industry. As we all are exploring the modernized world digitally, JobX helps people to search for jobs easily in major cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Birgunj, Lalitpur, Biratnagar, etc. as per their requirements. JobX invests all of its energy in continuous screening profiles of candidates, follow-ups, and tries to keep mostly verified & updated data.

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